LaRos Equipment Company manufactures parts handling automation equipment
LaRos Equipment Company manufactures parts handling automation equipment
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LaRos Equipment Company manufactures parts handling automation equipment
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510 Series Inline (Robot Unload) Conveyor
510 Series Inline (Robot Unload) Conveyor
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Standard Features:
E-Series Framework is fabricated from 7 gauge sheet steel (7XX / 9XX Models) or 10 gauge sheet steel (3XX / 5XX Models) with welded cross members. A-Series (3XX / 5XX Models only) fabricated from structural aluminum with bolted tubular cross members. This results in exceptional durability, improved operator safety, increased component protection and a more attractive appearance.
No exposed motor of drive components (external motor / gearbox on 1-1/2 HP and up are available as a standard option).
UHMW-PE belt slider/ contact surfaces.
Material handling industry standard large diameter pulleys and axles for maximum belt and cleat bond life (diameter increases as length and width increases). Pulleys crowned for tracking - no additional tracking measures required.
Heavy-duty belt-return rollers.
Application-appropriate belting incorporating strong carcasses, oil resistance, static conductivity and many joining options.
Energy-efficient, fractional HP gearmotors (all voltages available).
Permanently lubricated self-aligning bearings and large take-up components.
Manual starter with overload protection. Numerous voltage and control options.
Finished with primed oil base enamel in choice of standard colors or computer matched to your spec (steel units).
Inline Conveyors Model Designations
(E-Series Units available to 48" and any length)
E = Formed mild or stainless steel channel (All frame depths available).
A = Structural aluminum extrusion (3XX, 5XX frame depths only).
3 = 4" deep 10 ga. steel, or 1/8" aluminum frame - underslung, motor pulley or side mounted motor only.
5 = 6 " deep 10 ga.steel or 3/16" aluminum frame - 1/3 hp (110V) / 1/2 hp (230/460V) maximum internally mounted.
6 = 8 " deep 10 ga. frame - 1.0 hp (all voltages) maximum internally mounted.
7 = 8 " deep 7 ga. frame - 1.0 hp (all voltages) maximum internally mounted.
9 = 10 " deep 7 ga. frame - 1.5 hp (all voltages) maximum internally mounted.
00 = Motor underslung beneath frame.
01 = Motor side mounted (with chain drive and right angle reducer).
07 = Motor side mounted (with hollow bore right angle reducer).
        09 = Motor pulley.
10 = Motor internally mounted, yet easily accessible.


(INCHES) = All frames overlap belt 1/2"on each side; exposed belt = belt width minus 1".
(INCHES) = Up to 120"L (except ET). (FEET.INCHES) = Greater than 10'-0"L.
(3XX / 5XX) = Belt width + 4".
(7XX / 9XX) = Belt width + 5" / 8 " (TYPICAL) .
E- 5 10- 18- 11.06    (E-Series, 6" deep frame, internally mounted motor, 18" wide belt- 17" exposed, 11'6" long frame).
Variations: ET Series = Tubular discharge end for low-profile entry into grinder opening.
(Optional) = Constructed so that the belt runs above frame-full belt width usable.
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